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Pearls of wisdom 20th December 2017

I think that this will be my last Pearls of Wisdom of the year. As I am ‘the career mum’ and my kids are off school, it’s now time to dedicate to my family. I hope that you enjoy it. 

What I’m loving this week

Authentic Alex On LinkedIn. One of the top 12 Linkedin influencers in the UK and someone who I am working with to bring the #linkedinlocal phenomenon to Manchester, UK. Very, very excited. At only 50 spaces per monthly event, tickets will be in demand. All shared on The career mum group, LinkedIn and twitter and using event bright 

The Times Facebook advert  to get more members. Fair enough, it’s an add. However the points made are spot on. Gender equality is not just a women’s issue. 

My new mums office diary, as recommended by my esteemed friend and SAHM Nickie Stephenson. I’m so organised at work and yet my home life is crazy. This will bring some order 

What I’m not loving

My own leavers process as I offboard, see my vlog The career mum I fear it’s a forgotten process...

They urgent need to fill the STEM skills shortage. Learn more here STEM VLOG

As always thank you for reading. If you want to join the discussion come and join the group The career mum ( now at 1400 global members, just like you). 

Best wishes and enjoy the holidays

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