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It’s time for Newman career phase II...

It’s true, I have a new job. In a week I’ll be starting an exciting new role with Microsoft. I’m eager to get started and filled with anticipation. So whilst I wait for June 4th to arrive, here are some of the actions that I’m taking. They are worth considering for anybody starting a new role, whether a different company or the same one. START BEFORE YOU START. 

It’s been 5 months since I left Shell, the interview process, my networking & speaking panels/ events that I delivered, all kept my confidence high. If you are considering a career break, it’s important to keep your finger in.  I’ll explore this more in a different blog. 

I’ll be pulling out my old trusty tool The first 90 days listen to this audio summary if you aren’t familiar with it. I’ve used it in all previous new roles. 

One critical tool is my stakeholder map, I’ve already started to list stakeholders in a spreadsheet and expect this to get full in my first couple of weeks. 

I will be spending my first two weeks at the MS head office in Reading so I’ve asked for the travel policy - it’s important to follow the rules!

I have asked for any material that I can read in advance such as org charts, client info, products and tools, strategy docs. 

I’ve had regular and proactive engagement with my new line manager. 

I’ll look through my LinkedIn contacts to see who works at MS and message them. 

This last week with my family, I’m practising getting back in to LISTENING mode as this skill will be essential, particularly at the start. 

In other blogs I’m going to share what I learnt through the interview process (I only applied to Microsoft so I had a good success rate) and more of what I’ve been doing in between. 

I’m really delighted to be joining a company that feels aligned with my core values and I’ve been so impressed with the whole team that I’ve come across as well as HR. Wish me luck! 

The 2500 members of the Career Mum have been and continue to be a great support to me. Come and join the discussion. 

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any other tips!

A.K.A Amanda@Microsoft!

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