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How to stay organized at work

Let's be honest - I'm not perfect at this, but on the days that I am, this is what I do:

'What matters most'

It's critical to plan your day when you have a lot done. I'm a big fan of the Franklin Covey time management system. Over years of using it I have adapted it to my needs and personal style:

1. At the start of each day, don't look at email, spend 30 mins writing your to do list (work and personal), remembering the 4 quadrant model of urgent and important - de-prioritise the white noise. Each task is prioritised A-C (Importance) and 1-3 (urgency)

2. Plan time in your schedule around your meetings to tackle your to do list. Not forgetting the 'focus' quadrant which brings time for things like stakeholder engagement and strategic thinking.

3. As you complete items tick them off - it's very satisfying. At the end of the day -> thinks to the next day that aren't completed or D (delegate) things it turns out can be done by others.

4. If things are -> (Forwarded) for more than 3 days - ask yourself, does it really need to be done or can it be dropped?

Good luck!

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