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A diary of Tamoxifen

Start date 6th sept 21

Duration - 5-10 years

Cause: multi focal breast cancer stage 1 grade 2 in left breast, following a mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction on 27th June 21

Age 40s

Status: pre menopause

6th Sept:

I collected my prescription from the pharmacy next to the doctors. I waited until today as I’m worried I’m going to become a psycho, sweaty, fat 🥵 bitch with a dry vagina. I thought my kids best be back at school to not experience the brunt of it. Sent them off to sixth form, year 8 and the twins to year one. My daughter has been asking me all summer if I’ve started it already and that’s why I’m moody… 😤

I suggested to the pharmacist that I’d heard some brands were better than others. He assured me he has lots of ladies on it, all brands are the same and the ladies who experience side effects are often the ones that have read too much (me? No!). He suggested I start with an open mind and expect the best… and if that doesn’t happen we can deal with it together. What a nice chap! I’ll be taking it at bedtime as I heard some where that’s the best time to let it do it’s evil 👿….I guess I should think of it more like my guardian Angel 👼🏼

7th Sept

I took my first tablet at 9.30 last might. No signs of me becoming demonic yet. In fact I feel quite cheerful. A work colleague text to see how I am and it’s so nice to know I’m not forgotten. A school mum stopped me in the playground to say she read my blog and I should keep writing… maybe I will. It’s a bit of a change from the career mum musings but with the sad loss is Sarah Harding this weekend, only just over a year after her initial diagnosis, there is no better time to raise awareness.

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Thanks for reading

Amanda (aka the career mum)


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