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You came in like a wrecking ball…

10th June

Yesterday was my daughters 12th birthday. We’ve agreed we won’t tell the kids until next week. 2 days ago I also got my surgery date confirmed for 27th June. Two weeks on Sunday. I felt elated to be on the road to recovery. Yesterday I felt devastated that I was going through this and I was going to break my kids heart with a discussion I never dreamed I’d have to have. I had my final consultant apt with my plastic surgeon tonight. I’ve not seen anyone for a couple of weeks. I thought she might laugh and say they’ve looked at the scans again and they’d got it wrong, so sorry to give you such bad info but you’re actually fine! No. Instead it was confirmed that my surgery would be hugely impactful. I would have a 6-7 hour surgery, with 3 surgeons and 2 working on me at any one time, and recovery would be tough. We hope for clear margins to allow for no chemo… also suggested as it’s an oestrogen responsive cancer I would be on tamoxifen for ten years.

The sadness and inability to sleep is back. Last night I slept the best in ages. My beautiful friend Sadie has worked hard to make my bedroom a sanctuary and I’ll be forever grateful. At least I’ll have somewhere lovely to recover x


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