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I can’t get no sleep 💤

Actually I can, I just can’t seem to get enough. My medication post Breast cancer leaves me with an insatiable tiredness that I can’t quench. I know for sure it’s my meds as I had a blissful month off in Feb and life returned to normal. I didn’t spend my days worrying if I could manage work, home life AND fit in a snooze. It is now constantly on my mind, is that afternoon meeting at the time of my ‘crash’? Can I cope with travelling to a different office location and working all day - I already know the answer to this one - which is frustrating because my head wants too. So why am I telling you this? Because I’ve never heard it discussed at work before. The reality is that others must feel the same way. I thought I’d share how I’m trying to manage it and I would love to hear your tips:

  1. Be upfront. I’ve just started a new role. In the first discussion with the team I discussed that I’m a hard worker, but some afternoons I would appreciate if they could accommodate a nap. This was met with full support, understanding and empathy.

  2. There will be good days and bad days. When I had a meds break I threw myself in - now things feel harder again. I’m learning how to pace myself. Last week I did a training course and learnt about this great tool during a ‘pause retreat’ there are free to use resources in there.

  3. Persevere and remember my why. There are certainly days where it feels impossible and I think I can’t do it. Then I take a deep breath, remember all the people who are rooting for me, the wonderful support and sponsors that I have - and remind myself what I love about my job. I can and will do this.

To anyone that can relate, I’m here if you want to chat. I also talk more about this as a guest on a podcast with Jodie Greer, I hope you enjoy a listen when it’s launched.

Thanks for reading.

Amanda aka The Career Mum



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