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Why like Justin Tindall I’m ‘bored of diversity’

‘Diversity’ and in the case of the cause I fight most often we are talking ‘gender diversity’. Yes, I’m bored, frustrated and angry in fact. Many of us are trying to make a difference, to ‘shift the needle’ however there are still men like Justin suggesting it’s unimportant - or the retired male ex colleague who argued with me that the gender paygap simply doesn’t exist. It seems that we aren’t getting the message through, our traditional approach of gender networks, inviting men to join the discussion, pleading with our organisations to share their male to female ratios at different job levels aren’t working. I believe it’s now time to tackle this differently. Please, make 2018 the year to:

Take advantage of UK organisations >250 having to publish data on pay by gender in April. Ask your HR team for this data, ask if you can have it raw within global data protection limits to enable you to slice and dice it. Bring this to your team meetings and discuss it - how can you all make a difference? Put target measures in place - what you don’t measure doesn’t get done. 

There are so many brilliant women who now have a large audience, delivering podcasts, engaging with government and meeting execs. Examples are Simone Roche and Vanessa Vallely. Learn more about what they’re doing and how it could help you. 

When I’m travelling I listen to TED talks in the car, estimed speakers who understand why gender diversity is important. Sheryl Sandberg being an obvious one. 

Book a free call with me, I would love to discuss your challenges and brainstorm solutions together. 

Keep the discussion going!


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