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The fight for equality just applies in the office, right?

So I may be on the fight for gender equality however a LinkedIn connection who I respect greatly has reminded me this morning that we all have a role to play everywhere Sacha Atherton - Ethical Recruitment . Seriously I’m stunned and appalled at what happened here. For me equality is a human right and we all have a role to play. Please consider your part:

If you see something that doesn’t feel right, if you’re not putting yourself in danger, consider intervening. If not consider yourself complicit to what’s going on. People on the bus should have helped that lady out. 

This also applies on the subject of everyday sexism - in Day to Day life if you see acts of gender discrimination don’t just sit back and watch! Say something. 

Remember that this doesn’t just apply in the office - for me equality is a hygiene factor and a basic human right. 

Feel free to share with me what you think we can do to fight this cause together?

Thanks for reading

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