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My mum never underestimated herself because she didn't have a career...

I happen to be a ‘career mum’ but it saddens me to hear brilliant friends who haven’t pursued a traditional career say they have nothing to offer in the workplace. Generally stay at home mums or women who have taken on roles that allow them to be a full time primary carer to their families. My mum falls in to that category, but if I consider her skills she:

Bought and sold many houses holding tough financial negotiations.

Ran the family budget - mum was in charge of all finances.

Travelled the world following my dad’s career, learning different cultures and being entirely comfortable engaging people at all levels (whether a government diplomat, house steward or CEO).

My point is, if you are considering a return to work, don’t undervalue your skills. Returnships are becoming high on the recruitment agenda for many companies, a way to tap in to the market of women who have been out of work. 

I recently led a team to build the foundations of a Returnship programme (we called it Back 2 Business) - including mentoring, a tech guru, on boarding to the business, peer to peer support during the 12 week assignment. Hopefully this will be rolled out in 2018, however many companies are doing it now. In Manchester, Vodafone with Northern Power Women are running an event ReConnect Manchester. 

If you are considering a return to work but you’re nervous, speak to your friends, figure out your skills, but go for it. Now is your time, we need more women in Business. 

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