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The ‘R’ word

Redundancy. As an active social media user I felt a taboo in sharing with my friends that I was being made redundant. Yet there was no shame in it, I simply couldn’t move with my job. I’m very process driven so when people exclaimed you will be fine - I wanted to understand the process to get there. For that reason I recorded my first vlog back in September to break taboo and share my journey, watch here Redundancy T - 60 .

Here’s what I’ve learnt so far:

I’ve realised one of the things I value about where I work is the amazing people. Then it dawned on me - I won’t lose that network just because I’ve gone. 

I’ve explored my values and established that certainty and a sense of belonging are really high for me. Both are currently grey areas so I’m finding other ways to fulfil these. 

The outside world is really exciting. I’m taking time to Network, speak publicly, explore other fabulous women’s journeys to success. I’m now wondering why I didn’t do more of this sooner. 

I have more time to progress my passion of getting more girls in to STEM and I’m helping out at a brilliant school to develop a STEM pathway. 

The skills I’ve gained can be applied in the real world! Global mentoring connecting my network - here we go!

If you’re on the same journey or would like to follow mine come along to the discussion Facebook

Thanks for reading

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