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What do we do now...?

My friend recently shared this clip with me Reese Witherspoon and I think it’s a brilliant analogy for why we need equality and diversity in business. If those films had women writing the script, they wouldn’t have that line. Reese explains that she went on to setup her own very successful production company to address this problem. 

I don’t wholly agree though - to be successful in business you need to understand your own skills, strengths and weeknesses and then surround yourself by those that support & fill the gaps. It’s a good job that Reese was a skilled producer,alternatively she could have found someone, possibly a likeminded male to help. 

My point is, gender is irrelevant, it’s about skills and attitude. So next time you are working in a team, look around, make sure it’s balanced and all views are represented, regardless of gender. 

That reminds me... my tyres need pumping up and I need to ask the man in my life to help... I’ve tried and failed - it’s just not my skill!

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