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The Sisterhood code

This blog may be controversial - or you may have more to add. If you do, come and join the discussion in our Facebook group The Career Mum

Over the last twenty years of my career, 90% of women have been supportive. However when you come across one that isn’t, I’m doubly offended. So, here are my thoughts on the sisterhood code in business:

Champion the women in your network, help them celebrate their successes, recognise them and help to share their news. 

Never EVER claim someone else’s work as your own. You will eventually get caught out. 

If someone helps you out, don’t always take - consider how you can give back.

Also - pay it forward. If you’ve had a helping hand, help the next person.....

Don’t forget to give people opportunities to shine, especially if you have exposure that they may not. Share it around. 

Have empathy -if people are behaving out of character, talk to them, try to understand what’s going on and try to help them.  

What have I missed? I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Thanks for reading.

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