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Pearls of wisdom 23rd Nov 2017

I’ve struggled with my Pearls of wisdom this week. A combination of my sickness, my children’s sickness, my nanny’s sickness and finally my IT dept thinking I’d left the company and disabling my account left me having to cancel many meetings and engagements. Things I was really looking forward to. But actually, that’s real life isn’t it?! So, to keep momentum here are some things that I’m loving this week.

  1. The love I felt from the The Womo network who are fighting the same cause, getting rid of discrimination in any form and supporting empowerment of women. This is a cause, we are in it together. There are many blogs, groups, organisations fighting the same thing. Let me know, I’ll promote you, we are NOT in competition.

  1. The launch of my vlog series and the willingness of women to share their stories. True stories that effect many, affect careers and aren’t discussed. Soon to come will be The menapause, the loss of a child through stillbirth, PND & mental health and the journey of IVF. As well as taboos we will be getting some pearls of wisdom from some of the fantastically successful women in my network who want to support the career Mum. This week we started our Youtube channel with Maggie Van't Hoff. Maggie

3. The success of my Facebook group The career mum which now has grown to almost 1200 global members in only 19 days. Today we opened our doors to men in group, so if you want to support and empower women, come and join the discussion.

What I’m not loving

  • The dishonesty of the lady who crashed in to my car. In life and work, honesty, integrity and authenticity are critical success factors for me. Please hold these qualities close.

Thanks for reading.

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