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What’s stopping you?

Do you have something you’ve been considering taking up, something you want to say, a process at work that needs to be fixed, a goal you want to reach?  Well what is stopping you? Here are my thoughts on making progress:

Don’t stop and think, jump in with both feet. I like the start of new things so this comes easier to me. However I do surround myself with people to help once the detail gets tough. If it’s the right thing to do people don’t usually need a lot of convincing to be associated with it. 

Don’t let the ‘ladder of inference’ take hold. This is where the actions that you take can be influenced by the assumptions of the world around you and the conclusions you draw. This is a whole topic in itself however I found that by understanding this I could help myself a lot better. 

Don’t be afraid of upsetting heirarchy, status quo, other people’s agenda. I do believe, if something is the right thing to do, it’s the right thing to do!

I’m not a coach or a psychologist- however I do mentor and I have managed large teams so I believe that this has given me some insights. However if any professionals out there would like to add their thoughts, I’d welcome them!

Thanks for reading

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