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Ask a professional...

Tonight I am sat anxiously hearing my twin babies cry. They are 20 months old and haven’t yet slept through the night. A typical night is 5-6 hrs sleep with 4-9 wakeups. 

Tonight and for the next 4 nights I have hired a sleep coach Katie-Jane who has a 💯 success rate. It’s going to be torturous but worth it for the sanity of my family. It got me reflecting though that we don’t ask for help enough. 

My thoughts

You can’t be an expert of everything, problems can be troubleshooted much quicker if you get a pro in! This obviously applies significantly at work. 

There is no shame in asking for help, coaching or guidance. In fact to assist with a work problem, people would be flattered that you asked! 

It is great to work in a multi skilled team, they can be built dynamically to suit the problem - I typically call this a task force. In a work situation my task force would meet daily for 15 mins (usually on the phone). In this instance, my task force is my family, the coach and a brilliant twin mums group on Facebook that are a virtual listening ear. 

So if you have a problem that you are struggling to resolve, this week call in the reinforcements. I promise you won’t regret it. 

Thanks for reading.

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