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I want to be a doctor...

Today’s blog is courtesy of my eight year old daughter who has been inspired to look in to her future by the above book. #thisgirlcan

‘Miss Newman: Doctor Born June 9th 2009

Once upon a time, I had a dream about being a doctor and I woke up and it was my first exam. I did it. It was so amazing. I passed my test and I got my role. I felt like I was still in a dream so I had to pinch myself, but I wasn’t in a dream, I was so impressed with myself because I never knew I could do it. I made the first ever medicine called penicillin. It is so good for sore throats, it works so well.....

.....everyone said girls can’t be doctors but I stood up to myself and said I can and boys can. 

Famous quote: never judge a book by its front cover. ‘

I hope to continue to find ways to inspire my daughter and that she grows up knowing she can be anything that she wants to be. 

How have you inspired the younger generations? We need more role models. 

Thanks for reading and if you want to join a discussion, supporting and empowering women, please join The Career Mum

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