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Pearls of Wisdom 30th November 2017

Here’s what I’m loving this week

Over at The Career Mum we got involved in the #mumtakeover hosted by the BBC. Marina bravely shared her story of PND. Don’t skip this because you think the link isn’t relevant. It can impact any female that you know who has had a baby. Sometimes with heartbreaking consequences. A series of taboos

Our first active man in the Facebook group, Andy Cracknell , who is talking to us about Corporate Game Changers. The GC index is a new framework that is simple, effective, scalable, reliable & adaptable. It drives value to business and provides a level playing field. Valuing  everyone’s contribution.  Soon we will host out first Skype session to take this debate live.

I read about this book on the She’s back group  and I ordered it immediately. My 8 year old daughter is feeling very inspired. The book is brilliant 

All of the vlogs from our members in the pipeline; inspiring girls in to STEM, POW from a retired Shell Leader, the menopause and its impact & the loss of a baby through stillbirth.  

What I’m not loving this week:

* The fact that someone can innocently tell their story of success and be then ripped apart in the comments. Gender discrimination  What do you think? Was she discriminating against men? Do you see evidence of the ‘boys club’?

Thanks for reading & as always if you’ve got something to add, come and join our discussion The Career Mum

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