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Write for the goldfish...

I recently had the pleasure of attending a FREE social media training at Google digital garage Manchester . It is also worth noting that they have free Digital garage online training. 

There are currently 3 different garages to empower people to learn digital skills across 16 courses (Manchester, UK has been open 2weeks, however there is also Sheffield and Birmingham and a digital bus for rural areas)  My course was 90 mins and covered writing for social media, the headlines were how to 1. Define your brand 2. Write for social media 3. Know your toolbox for content marketing Here are the notes that I made

Define your brand

What is your brand tone of voice? Ask people. Get second opinions. Identify people you want to associate with and use them as a benchmark. Get a story in terms of how you want to relate to people. 4 steps to develop brand tone of voice: Brand values, user pen portrait, how you speak, choose your words. Values: what does your brand or business stand for- integrity, authenticity & empowering. How would you describe a core member of your audience: user pen portrait - have a story or narrative. Describe personality: charm, authenticity, powerful,experienced. What 3 words sum up personality of business: powerful, authenticity, empowering - the process of showing your values - also identify what makes you different. Supporting, informative. Create guidelines: choose your words. 

Write for social media

The average human attention span is 8.25secs. Write for the goldfish. Assume the reader will read only the first half of your sentence. Focus on the user. Use benefits vs features - ask yourself why. Remember your readers are obsessed with themselves. #selfie

Know your toolbox

Toolbox for content marketing: grammarly (grammar correcting app). Vsco cam or snapseed (photo editing) canva graphic design tool. Wordswag graphic creator. YouTube director (video ads). Smartphone and selfie stick The successor courses to the one that I attended are: Social media strategy or build a digital marketing plan. You can also book 1:1 coaching.  I personally felt it was a really good use of my time. The trainer Azar was very personable and experienced. Try it out for yourself and let me know!

Thanks for reading

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