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If it’s not on the board it doesn’t exist?

I’m beginning to wonder if everything that I’ve ever understood about job hunting has shifted? The old traditional way, you look on a jobs board, or speak to a recruiter and they tell you what they have, feels like it may have changed. Of course it’s been 20+ years since I’ve been on the external job market, however here is what I’m observing:

Network. Many people seem uncomfortable with this. Do your best to embrace it. I am having ‘get to know you’ meetings with people that I feel inspire me. No one has said they don’t have time and I am growing my circle with some amazing new contacts. I’m using linkedin, my personal network and Facebook for this. Of course I don’t expect jobs from these meetings but you never know when you might be able to help someone out

Join forums for your industry. I recently joined Ada’s list  and Wise (women in science and engineering) - both free forums full of opportunity 

there are now many recruitment companies that will reverse engineer the process - so find the right role for you, such as MRJ Recruitment  and  have your CV ready and speak to them.

if you are looking, good luck. Come and join the discussion at The career mum  and tell us what worked for you.


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