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The best ways to waste time

I have to admit I used to be fairly wastful of my time. However I have had a recent shift, appreciating how precious time is. Here are my top tips:

Facebook - I have so many friends who say they have come off Facebook. It was consuming them. I use my personal Facebook like a diary so this isn’t an option. However I only post things that I want to remember. I’ve also setup the career mum Facebook group and I’m really enjoying engaging with a global community of likeminded people. There has not been a single game of candy crush or a single ASOS mindless shopping trip since I’ve setup the group.  

Mindless TV - I’ve stopped watching for the sake of it, I record content I want to see and watch for short periods. 

If there is no TV I read, whether it be hard copies or online material from LinkedIn, Twitter and The Huffington Post. 

If something inspires me, I write up a related blog. Wix is a good editing tool if you are considering starting to blog. 

If in the office I make sure to schedule coffee breaks and lunches with people I want to catch up with (or I’d lose that time right?)

When driving, as my phone connects to Bluetooth I listen to audiobooks, ted talks and podcasts.

I would love you to share your tips. Come and join the discussion. The career mum Facebook group

Thanks for reading

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