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All I want for Christmas.

Much like the song there really isn’t much that I need personally, however in 2018 I hope I am able to keep a healthy perspective on life and be mindful and grateful. 

I’m not a political activist, so although I recognise that there are things that need changing in the world of politics they aren’t going on my list. 

My passion and desires are in the field of gender diversity, Santa please can you deliver:

More flexible roles in the workplace - for men and women. Whether that be part time working, working from home, term time working. 

Recognition and performance measured on what has been delivered rather than number of hours in the office. 

Companies >250 who have to publish their gender pay gap being entirely transparent and getting the help in they need to address and issues. 

All companies regardless of size looking at their own gender paygap.

More returnship programmes - in the form of internships to allow returnees to rebuild their confidence and then go on to fly and achieve their potential. This will bring more women to  the workplace and could contribute to achieving more women in senior roles. 

Atrracting more girls in to STEM, with only 9% of engineers being girls, this needs addressing. Many of us can help Santa with this one. What can you do in 2018?

Access where needed to mentoring programmes. People have so much to offer each other. 

My final wish is for my group The career mum to keep growing, being a great resource for women to be empowered with knowledge and continuing to connect people around the world. 

Come and tell me what’s on your list by joining the group. 

Happy holidays

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