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I’ve got something new and shiny for you...

Back in the 80’s my Dad loved to go and sit in his car chatting on his CB Radio - I believe they’re still in use today, a rarity, standing the test of technology. As a really young girl I loved to join in, learning the Slang , with Dad using his handle (Magpie) to introduce himself to his ‘good buddies’. One of my favourites was I’m feeling A1 (meaning great). Here’s where it gets relevant....

Soon we are starting a New Year, as we roll in to 2018, I want to be A1, I want to feel that rush of excitement that I get buying a new pair of shoes when I welcome the NEW year. 2017 has had lots of twists and challenges, no doubt more to come for us all, that’s life. I’m not setting resolutions, but here are the behaviours that I hope to achieve:

Embrace change, with a curious mind and the outlook of a child (excitement).

Meet as many new people as possible, through The Career Mum , the launch of my #linkedinlocal events with a Manchester team and saying yes to opportunities.

Use every opportunity to learn, whether that is through online learning, ted talks, podcasts, google digital garage, Apple store training or ‘get to know you’ meetings instigated with people I admire. 

Don’t always be right (I don’t think I am but I’ve had that feedback so I will reflect on it) 

LISTEN 👂 more, I mean really listen to what people are saying

Be more mindful, present in the moment. I will be using the Moment app to track my phone time. Yes that’s scary!

Continue to be resilient. It’s the only way. 

How about you?

Thanks for reading

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