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P.O.W ⚡️

So, here we are, my first Pearls of Wisdom in 2018. 

No room for huge, significant resolutions here, if we could all focus on the small things, things I consider to be the hygiene factors of good business - a bit like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs 

 Make meetings effective. So much time is wasted attending meetings that aren’t clear. Ensure there is an agenda, know your role and purpose for joining (don’t be afraid to politely query it in advance) and if possible make the meeting 45 mins (instead of an hour for example). To prevent the burn out of back to back meetings. Consider a daily 15 min task force meeting if the matter needs to be resolved urgently. 

Plan your day, use effective time management. I’ve previously blogged about this What matters most

Offer to coach/ support/ mentor someone in your organisation if you are experienced. Just an hour a month of giving back is very rewarding. If you are less experienced ask someone to mentor you. 

Listen when people talk, be curious and read between the lines. 

If you see a process that isn’t working, consider continuous improvement. Eliminate the waste 

  • Join gender networks such as The Career Mum , also find some local to you, there are so many such as WISE, GirlGeeks, Wwire (real estate), look on twitter for @girlboss. If something is missing create your own!

Consider going to a #linkedinlocal event. If your country isn’t on the Linkedlocally website - why not do one yourself?

I hope some of that has given you food for thought. Wishing you all much success for 2018. 

Best wishes

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