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What are your safety goals?

I have been reminded how important safety is and when disrespected how matters can change in a minute via an accident that’s happened due to the disregard of safety. So I’m begging you, January is good for new beginnings, consider these easy safety rules:

When walking downstairs hold the handrail/ banister - I must admit I laughed when this was introduced many years ago at Shell - particularly as I was visiting an exploration and production site - it was new to me and someone intervened to demand I hold it. What’s better though - a little embarrassment or a busted face - accidents happen. 

Hold an ergonomic assessment of your office space. If you work for a corporate enquire, they may have someone who can do this for you 

When driving don’t use your phone. I’ve installed Focus which prompts you to lock your phone when it senses the driving motion 

When cooking with children around turn all handles away from the edge. Also when drinking hot drinks with young children place them up high 

If your job involves lifting, ensure you have had the right training Manual handling at work

If you are in a manual job, have you read your safety manual, do you have your high vis vest, hard hat, steel toe boots, have the risk assessments been completed etc.

Much of the above can be applied in the home. Often the time we are most negligent. 

Our families need us safe in bed at the end of each day - please take this seriously and let me know for my own benefit what I have missed.

Thanks for reading

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