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The race to the start line...

So here we are, 5 days in to 2018! It had dawned on me that I am sparking and fizzing with excitement of every opportunity that has come my way. Somehow expecting to get my whole years goals completed in the next few weeks. Thinking about it I can’t possibly be the only one feeling this way! So I’m taking a deep breath, a step back and prioritising. Here are my tips:

Identify your top three goals, after much thought mine are, 

1. support and empower women (see my group The Career Mum ) 2. Earn a living 3. Meet my families needs 

Plot the goals and the tasks that are needed to achieve them, I’ve attached the template that I use. 

  • Review this each quarter with your line manager/ partner at home, getting sign off in Q1. 

  • Establish if you have enough resources to achieve your goals. If not build a proposal to get more onboard - if not possible agree which priorities fall in to the ‘stop doing’ bracket. 

  • I also find it very useful to document a typical week in a spreadsheet, listing each strategic item (to meet your goals) weekly hours needed and a decision on continue or postpone. 

  • Don’t forget on that plan to make time for your own learning and development! 

Best wishes and here’s to 2018 love Amanda x


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