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What has influenced your subconscious?

Growing up in the 80’s, it was the decade of power suits, female independence, and women finally able to compete in a mans world. As we all know there was certainly still a glass ceiling but I believe the tide was starting to turn. 

It has only just dawned on me that I grew up watching TV that showed me that women could be strong, fiesty, glamorous (questionable in hindsight I agree but aren’t all fashions 🤷‍♀️) and intelligent. I have a feeling that this seeped in to my subconscious. Here, I share my top 5 favourite shows and look at them with a fresh perspective 

Cagney & Lacey : Mary-Beth and Christine showed us female solidarity, team work, the ability to be vulnerable yet still strong and above all get the job done better than anyone else! 

Blind Date : empowered women to share what they wanted in a man and ‘interview’ the 3 candidates! 

Dallas : ultimately a woman was in charge here of her crazy Oil Tycoon family!  

Dynasty : Joan Collins in lead role. Need I say more? 

Doogie Howser MD : behind every great man, there’s a great woman  

My question to you - what has influenced generation Z (1995-2012 births) and in what way? With media changing so quickly, is it even possible to pinpoint it? If you’d like to discuss, come join the Facebook group The Career Mum

Thanks for reading

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