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P.O.W ⚡️

Here are my Pearls of Wisdom for the week. 13th Jan 2018. 

What I’m loving

☄️The discussion on The career mum Facebook group  which now had 1600 members, well over 2000 years of collective work experience from active members in only 10 weeks since launch about the best piece of advice you have ever been given. My favourite is ‘always own up and admit when you make a mistake and even if it's not your fault always be the bigger person and take it as a lessons learnt and move on. Very simple, but having this attitude has really helped me build trust and strong working relationships.’

The volume of female tech entrepreneurs and just inspirational people landing in my inbox every day is astounding. Join Ada’s list

What I’m not loving

Harvard Business Review article on do diversity programmes in work has stated they haven’t had any impact for years. ‘That’s why interventions such as targeted college recruitment, mentoring programs, self-managed teams, and task forces have boosted diversity in businesses. Some of the most effective solutions aren’t even designed with diversity in mind.’  We all need to be innovative and it’s time to be inclusive, think equality and take a new approach. 

The gift of death a blog about our need for over consumption at Christmas time of material goods. Many then get discarded within a matter of weeks. Food for thought. How can I take a different approach in 2018? 

we need to raise awareness that there needs to be more than one minority in a candidate pool to ensure that person is not subconsciously associated with risk Harvard Business Review

As always, thanks for reading.

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