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What if your memories made footprints?

My children attend the school that I boarded at from age 10 to 18. That means that every time I visit, or drive around the area I’m overcome with nostalgia. I just said to my daughter today, I used to run up those steps to catch many trains at the station, thinking wow, if those memories had imprinted the steps would tell many stories. 

Then I realised that today’s kids leave a digital imprint wherever they go. 

Quick and easy internet access on a public hotspot, just accepting the Ts &Cs without reading them (come off it, as adults we do it)  could be sharing much more than intended with the provider.

Social Media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat aren’t intended for under 13 however I know many parents who allow it. Not only exposing kids to human risk but to the risk of them sharing their data as consumers. In Europe GPDR becomes enforced in May 2018, meaning data stored has to meet certain criteria however companies are left with a big headache of what to do with your data collected before this date. YOUR DATA, YOUR CHILDS DATA.

Apps may sell data or share data on - have you never wondered how Facebook knows how to show you particular ads? What ads are your kids being exposed to?

Photo sharing on social media generates great memories to look back on - but how will it feel as a 25 year old adult going for a job, having an employer potentially looking at some of the memories of you as a teenager?

Lots of schools deliver parent education in this space. I haven’t had chance to attend, so in the mean time I’ll check out what’s available on the NSPCC website. We can also ask Tech companies to help educate. I had the pleasure of visiting UKFast today, what amazing headquarters. They are delivering so much social investment (subject of another blog) I have no doubt they’d be willing to help on this topic. 

Thanks for reading, if you want to join discussions on topics like this, come and join the Career Mum Facebook group.

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