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Empowerment leads to success

I am on the countdown now to # linkedinlocal  Manchester on 14th March, hosted at the amazing UKFast head office. I had a site visit to plan the event & It was a day when I had my twins. I could have organised childcare however I bit the bullet and asked if they could come. I was met with an immediate YES! This impressed me, my host didn’t hesitate, she was empowered to make that decision and the office was very welcoming. My boys didn’t want to leave. 

It got me thinking that by empowering your staff and giving them tools to be confident in their choices how could you be anything other than successful?

In today’s world technology and digitalisation is pervasive. Here are some useful resources that I have come across that empower me (either by giving me a toolkit or giving me knowledge):

Expert talks on meetup - this is the Manchester link however there will be some local to you. You can learn so much here from delivering the future, to learning  ‘THREE TYPES OF DISRUPTION INNOVATION - WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS?’  They are also great opportunities to meet people in your field. 

Slack - bringing your team together , a great tool for connecting people, sharing knowledge and data. Useful in an environment where you are working across multiple organisations. 

Most exciting you can now get Microsoft Office  online, for free (handy for small entrepreneurs) including 15GB of free cloud storage! Of course there are some limitations but it’s good enough to keep you working. 

Trying to pull a virtual team together and can’t see their diaries? Use Doodle Poll !

Want to get feedback or collect choices? Use Survey Monkey

I’m sure that there are many more tools. What have I missed? If you want to discuss further come and join the 2000 Globel network of men and women talking about content like this! The Career Mum (that’s me!)

Thanks for reading


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