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Who’s in your crew?

Earlier in my career, when returning to work after my first child, I asked a senior female colleague and role model what her secret was. Her advice ‘pay for all goods and services that you can afford’. In other words, get help in the house & with your children. It’s isn’t possible to do it all. 

I keenly took this advice on board and have followed it ever since. However I realised recently that there was one (perhaps obvious) omission.  I would now add ‘only surround yourself with likeminded people’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in to ‘Yes men (or women)’ however here are the values that I hold important. Whether it’s a Nanny, cleaner, suppprt to de clutter, the gardener etc etc (yes, these are some of the roles that I make sacrifices in life to fund, so that I can commit fully to my job):

An enthusiastic, can do attitude - not a ‘it’s not my job’ mentality.

Open and honest communication, if something isn’t working, talk to me. 

Initiative - tell me what needs doing, they’re the experts and their role is their profession.

A desire to be part of my success, an enabler for me in life. 

If I seem out of sorts, talk to me - consider we are on the same side! 

Don’t gossip! Full stop!

Now this all seems obvious doesn’t it. However as it has taken learnings for me, I wanted to share with others juggling. After all that’s what the Career Mum is about - supporting and empowering others to reach their potential. What have I missed? Come and join the discussion and tell me. 

Thanks for reading

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