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The Career Mum pearls of wisdom. Here is what I am loving over at The Career Mum. 

I have been asked to talk at 2 events in the North in April. I’ll be sharing my learnings through twenty years of Shell, the importance of mentoring and how to stay physically strong whilst doing it all! Sign up to the She Leads Tech event in Leeds hosted by KPMG, or the Harris & Ross Women Power event  at Total Fitness Wilmslow. 

Like everyone I also get imposter syndrome, something we frequently discuss in our The Career Mum group  . One of the group stated ‘never be afraid of stating the obvious’ . So true and something I will keep in mind when I’m sharing my journey with the audiences above. What is obvious to me might not be obvious to all. 

We also discussed top tips for managing a family and children. I will be downloading a family calendar (I’m trying out the Cozi and FamCal apps) and I’ll also be getting my kids onboard with chores 

We had a good debate about the impending GPDR mandate, the loss of trust caused by the Facebook privacy scandal and whether people would reduce their Facebook use as a result. I also enjoyed the UKFast recommendations to ‘ Take back control of your data

What have you been discussing around the coffee machine this week? Come over and share it at The Career Mum group. 

Thanks for reading!

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