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P.O.W ⚡️

Sharing my Pearls of Wisdom.  

It’s been a while since my last P.O.W, those of you who follow my blog will know that I’ve been really busy starting a new job for Microsoft. A move which I’m both delighted and proud of. So where do I start, as there’s so much to tell. 

This has been a tragic week for my extended family. I talked about it in the group as we had discussed the news of Kate Spade extensively. Those of you in the UK will have seen the news in all the papers. My lovely cousin, Colin, lost his daughter Sophie Gradon. I’m desperately sad and cannot imagine the pain. My reason for mentioning it here, we have a large audience - so please if anyone is struggling, reach out, talk turn on the light

Here’s what I am loving in recent weeks;

It’s fair to say, I’m not the biggest political animal, however I feel immensely proud to be working under a CEO,  Satya Nadella who had taken a public stance on the US immigration policy as well as steps to support his staff. Satya Says

I’m learning some of the brilliant ways that Microsoft products are making the world a better place. Microsoft has made a commitment to ethical Artificial Intelligence. This video from the Inner Eye Project demonstrates how AI can be used to assist in diagnosing and treating cancer Project Inner Eye . What is even more amazing is that apart from a developed algorithm, it’s using standard tools such as a Microsoft Surface laptop and pen. 

I’m really loving the progress that’s being made in the space of Returners and supporting working women. If you want to join the discussion do come and join over 2600 members of The Career Mum . Here is a collection of what I’m aware of. Thank you to those that have made it your purpose to continue to raise the profile of this cause. 

Ever returned to the same company after maternity leave? Support this research and complete the return to work survey thank you Susanna Lawson.  

Interested in flexible working opportunities. Check out this new recruitment site flex is best by Cheney Hamilton

In the North West Uk? Check out this event hosted by Beckie Taylor, The power of the returner which promises an amazing line up of speakers. 

Perhaps you are a small business and wonder how you can be more effective in this area. There is vast supporting material

available for free here Equality and human rights  You can even sign a pledge to support pregnant women and returners. Thank you to Michelle Gyimah 

Lindsey Fish had a brilliant launch of her Mums Enterprise roadshows and I’m excited about the future events.  

  • Lisa Unwin & Deborah Khan launched their book She’s Back - they are discussing it in the book group within the She’s Back Facebook group

  • Meanwhile over on The Career Mum we are reading The Feminine Mistake - I’ll let you know my thoughts in a future P.O.W. 

I would love you to share with me any relevant groups, conferences, training etc. After all, knowledge empowers. 

Thanks for reading.

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