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Top ten tips - How to make an impact in the first 90 days

As some of you may know if you follow my blog, I’m now almost half way through my ‘first 90 days’ in my new job with Microsoft. I’ve shared my journey from Shell, to redundancy through to securing a great new role. For that reason I wanted to keep sharing my top tips. You may be familiar with the brilliant book ‘ The First 90 Days‘ I wanted to share my experience of being new to company and new to role.  

build your network, broad and deep. Have ‘get to know you’ conversations to build relationships 

take all the self study training seriously. Once onboard with the job you won’t have time. 

take care of all of your role admin. New to company, get your credit card,  learn how to timewrite, do expenses etc. 

If you have holidays pre booked during this early period, be honest and upfront as soon as possible. Stay connected (very light) just in case there is something you need to do when on leave.

Take the social networks seriously. Hopefully you are building a community that will be there to support you for many years to come.

You will be out of your comfort zone, you may not add value for some time. That’s ok. If you’re feeling uncomfortable talk about it.

If you have family/ a partner, remember that they may be adjusting to your new schedule. Use a shared planner and put time aside on a Sunday night to synchronise diaries.

Spend time getting to know your line manager, what they need to be successful, their communication preference and their working style.

Embrace ambiguity. There may be a lot of uncertainty as well as some change in role definition. Don’t be difficult about this.

Finally and most importantly, you will be meeting so many new people. Create a stakeholder list including what you discussed, their role, when you met and frequency of future meetings as well as the date of the next meeting.

Good luck! If you want to join the discussion come along to the career mum , we now have 2700 Global members who are all on board with supporting and empowering women to reach their potential. Thanks for reading. 

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