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Over in we are preparing to celebrate 1 year since I launched the group. Initially setup to enable me to connect with the audience of this blog, as well as stay connected with my network for support through redundancy, I’m so proud to share we now have 3000 members across over 60 countries. Come and see what all the fuss is about, we welcome men and women, parents or not! This weekend I delighted in some of the messages and stories of how the group has helped others to achieve their own success.

My weekly Pearls of Wisdom has had to take a backseat during a steep onboarding to my great new job at Microsoft. I’ll have been there 6th months soon and will share another blog on what I’ve learnt.

Here is what I’m loving this week over on The Career Mum:

1. I had the privilege of being invited to the Unilever UK launch of their women in Tech network. I shared my career learnings and experience. What are you doing in your capacity of a role model? Thank you to Georgina Park and the team for having the drive to set this up.

2. I can’t wait to speak in a panel for the launch of Three’s STEMConnext, founded by Gill Cooke, lead of their women in technology network. Gill is aiming to connect Tech networks in the suburbs, I know there are many organisations across the M4 corridor in the UK. Interested? Contact Gill.

3. I have loved watching June Angelides become such a force of good - recently presenting at Microsoft Future Decoded she has encouraged others to recognise the soft skills gap as well technical competencies.

4. I had the pleasure of joining Amanda Davie and Nik Davis at their North West launch of the brilliant Intelligencia Club. We had a very open and honest discussion around the value of authenticity in Leadership and life.

5. I’m delighted and excited to share the we will soon launch career mum mentoring circles. Covering Cheshire, Liverpool, Sheffield & London as a starting point. An opportunity to cover relevant topics and get group support. Thanks to Paul Porter and Catherine Barber-Brown for bringing this idea to life. Come and join the group to find out more.

6. Finally in the next few weeks in partnership with Susan Hayes-Culleton we will be able to facilitate mentoring relationships through the career mum. Meanwhile if you are looking for a tech mentor, look no further than Rav Bumbra and her brilliant app Cajigo which brings mentoring to your finger tips.

Here is one of the more difficult subjects that we are currently discussing:

1. With only 2% men, I recognise we have a great responsibility to talk about mental health and that suicide is the biggest cause of death in men under 45. We will be collaborating with other groups, such as by Richard Tyler and app creators such as Calmer Sea by Phil Roberson and Matt Janes who has developed Thrive to understand what we can do differently.

Thanks for reading & I look forward to your feedback.

If you would love to support what we are doing, join the group and give me your vote in the @WATC_WeAreTech TechWomen100 awards, please support me with a public vote #TechWomen100

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