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The power in finding your mentor 🤩

So hands up please! Who has a mentor? Come and join the group where 6000 people are in the discussion of the value they’ve found from their own mentor

If you don’t have one - do you know how to get one? As well as there being lots of tools out there (you can ask in here or use the mentoring function, there’s CajigoApp, there’s sistr there’s the Northern Power platform to name a few, you can just ASK!

I’ve just started a new mentoring relationship- I met an amazing lady at work, my previous mentors had left the company & whilst they’ve kindly still agreed to mentor me, I also wanted someone at work. I simply asked her, she said yes 🙌🏻.

We had our first call yesterday and honestly I felt it was such a gift and know it will help so much. I think she’s even going to be a great sponsor for me - something that can’t be requested. They have to believe in you and your credibility then they will become your champion.

Don’t underestimate the value of this for your success.

Do you mentor others? We all have a mentor within us, register on mentoring platforms, it can even be done through LinkedIn to mark yourself as an available mentor.

Here are my top 5 tips to finding a mentor:

  1. Use your connections. One of the best places to look for a mentor is in your own circle. This can be your professional or personal network.

  2. Actively participate in industry-related events. If you come across someone you click with, reach out and ask them.

  3. Find your purpose and volunteer in related activities, here you will find likeminded people that could ultimately become your sponsor.

  4. Connect with mentors on LinkedIn.

  5. Leverage online resources and tools.

Once you’ve found them and they’ve agreed to mentor you, I recommend:

  1. Follow up after your first meeting with agreed level of commitment, how often you’re planning to meet and how long you hope for the mentoring to last.

  2. Honour their wisdom by following through on their advice.

  3. Mentoring is a 2 way street. Ask what you can do for them.

  4. Use them as a resource for any important decisions.

  5. Thank them. Their time is a gift 🎁.

thanks for reading!

Amanda The Career Mum



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